Super Security ...

... is no longer a matter of size.

Super security at POINTBLANK range.

Lean Solution with Heavy Impact:

Security for Internet-enabled Products “Made in Germany“

The future belongs to interconnected products, but connectivity comes with significant risks

The Internet of Things surely offers great opportunities. Whether we are talking about network-attached refrigerators, intelligent lighting systems or automated water purification facilities, one thing is certain: no vendor or producer can afford to ignore this growing trend of (inter-)connectivity.

But the more ‘things’ communicate with each other, the more vulnerable they become to attacks from the outside. Conventional security systems are time-consuming and high-maintenance, not to mention the fact that they are also highly dependent on additional components that provide access to the network, a.k.a. gateways.

IoT security right from the factory floor – built-in encryption protects each product

Conscientious manufacturers anticipate potential threats and loopholes from day one. It is far easier and much more cost-effective to integrate security management into a product in advance rather than run behind sudden development milestones emerging from real-life attacks. The underlying concept is fairly straightforward: deploy a unique strong cryptographic key (stronger than any password) in every single device and you end up with ‘Security of Things’ rather than just ‘Internet of Things’.

Assume responsibility for the security of your customers’ data by incorporating security where it belongs – into the devices themselves rather than the gateways. That way you no longer have to build security around your product. You rather build your product around a ‘security core’ to make sure it ships with everything it will ever need in the field. If you should need to customise your solution after all, we can make that security core as individual as necessary based on your expectations and requirements.

Maintenance-free security with seamless integration

Even though internet-connected devices or products are already in use, it is still possible to establish data security at the source: security-enabled microcontrollers can be used as a modular upgrade to the existing system. We'll be happy to advise you on your project, however big it may be, and assist you with our extensive experience as IT system specialist.

Big data in small chips

Complex and comprehensive security protocols traditionally call for substantial resources – even more so if cryptography is involved: encryption draws its strength from long series of numbers and requires extensive computing capacity. Intensive research enabled us to compress this power into small circuits and processors while preserving the same level of efficiency. As the name suggests, those integrated circuits are sturdy and small enough to be incorporated into every conceivable product. The fact that no additional operating system is required, reduces costs significantly.

Prize-winning: PointBlank receives the TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2017

Our research is excellent! The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) gives the TeleTrusT Innovation Award to PointBlank thus honouring our long-standing work. The decision shows: There is a high backlog demand when it comes to security for interconnected products.

“Now that we received this award we are proud to rank with big German research facilities like TÜV, the Hasso Plattner Institute and Frauenhofer Institute. It definitively paid off that we kept looking for better solutions time and again.”
Witali Bartsch, VP Security Solutions Steen Harbach AG


In the first part of our article series, which is published in the renowned scientific journal "atp magazin", we have coined the term "symbiotic security". This is based on an ideal system architecture in which all components such as hardware, software or networks and processes play out their respective strengths in order to maximize the overall achievable system security. An essential component of "Symbiotic Security" is the "Initial Enrolment" procedure, in which IoT devices are equipped with firmware for the first time via an encrypted channel following the zero knowledge methodology by using the so-called bootloader.

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