The Makers of PointBlank: Who We Are

Over three decades our company Steen Harbach AG has become one of the leading service providers in various fields of information technology. What we have learned over the years is that IT is a short-lived business, even more so IT security. We recognised the trend soon enough to extend our horizon accordingly. Today, our service portfolio covers the complete range of modern requirements. Our workforce with international roots gives us the skills and the ability to deliver our services not only on a regional but also on an international level.

Through our continuous work with major corporations, primarily large financial institutions who are traditionally very sensitive to all aspects of security, our research and development has become as natural and practical as the ever-emerging threats and vulnerabilities we are so determined to understand, contain and avoid altogether. Simultaneously, our cooperation with the key players in the pharmaceutical and other industries has taught us the importance of efficiency through goal-oriented technical project management.

Under the brand "PointBlank Security" we were able to develop worldwide novel solutions in the sense of consistent security architectures such as IoT. In Addition to secure Hardware in the smallest format, PointBlank's solutions are used for the implementation of cloud-centric processes with the principle of "Security by Design" in mind. Those Workflows rely on strong components such as PKI, two-way TLS and the efficient implementation of cryptographic schemes and algorithms.


Dr. Witali Bartsch

Dr. Witali Bartsch
Head of Security Solutions

Steen Harbach

Steen Harbach

Certification: We act responsibly

In addition to our technical expertise, one of our core values is sustainability and the social responsibility of our company.

Only the balanced interplay of both components (i.e. our devotion to technology as well as our moral values) enables us to deliver up-to-date technical services that meet our standards regarding sustainable and socially responsible behaviour.

Therefore, we submit ourselves to yearly assessments and audits from Microsoft (Gold Partner) and Ecovadis (CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility).

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