Bank of America allows customers to increase the protection of their transactions with new Security Key feature.

With cyberattacks on the systems and data of businesses and their customers on the rise worldwide, Bank of America is one of the first banks to address these attacks by enabling its customers to better protect their data by logging in with Security Keys (such as our TrustKey Security Keys).
Bank of America has announced that it will replace its SafePass feature with a new Secured Transfer feature. This feature will allow Bank of America customers to further protect their data by enabling transfer enrollment and authentication with a TrustKey Security Key. This will give the customer the opportunity to log in without a password and "only" with a fingerprint, according to the highest current security standards.
SafePass has long been Bank of America's solution to provide an additional layer of security against unauthorized transactions. However, SafePass only allows customers to use mobile authentication with a one-time code. With the introduction of the Secured Transfer feature, Bank of America has managed to introduce an even more secure and, most importantly, FIDO-based hardware authentication. As a result, customers are 99.99% protected from phishing attacks and no longer need to worry about their data security.
We believe that this is exactly the right step towards a secure digital world and that companies as well as public authorities should take this as an example!

For more information about the "Secured Transfer" feature, click here.
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