The software company Intercede forms partnership with TrustKey Solutions.

The software company Intercede has been delivering innovative cybersecurity solutions to real-world digital identity challenges for governments, law enforcement, military and multinational corporations for more than twenty years.
The most effective way to protect against the leading cause of data breaches is to replace passwords with two-factor authentication, which combines smart cards or a smartphone with a second factor such as a PIN or fingerprint.
The strongest form of two-factor authentication is a digital identity consisting of a PKI certificate issued to a secure device, as recognized by standards such as US FIPS 201 (PIV). This allows companies to be sure that users accessing systems, networks and sensitive data are really who they say they are.
For this reason, the company partners with certified FIDO technology vendors, thus future-proofing their software and supporting their customers with the desired technologies.
One of these partnerships the company has with our partner TrustKey Solutions.
This means, of course, that the use of the Security Keys we distribute is particularly rewarding for the data security of companies and their employees.
You can find out more about the security aspects of our Security Keys on our website at:  

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