eWBM Co, Ltd is now TrustKey Solutions

eWBM is now TrustKey

Due to the continuously growing popularity of the FIDO authentication, our partner eWBM Co, Ltd. has segmented its FIDO related businesses which resulted in the establishment of Trustkey Solutions, headquartered in the USA.
TrustKey was founded by Dr. Stephen Oh and his team of experts under the premise of bringing the advances of FIDO2 security solutions more effectively to the world.
As a board member of the FIDO Alliance, TrustKey is committed to shaping FIDO2 authentication in terms of technology and usability – therefore TrustKey's biometric FIDO2-Keys are the world's first and only with Level 2 certification.
TrustKey products enable users to smoothly protect their online identities according to the highest FIDO2 security standards achieved to date.

In complement to the G-Series biometric keys, TrustKey will expand its range of hardware security keys to include the touch-based T-Series.
T-Series Security Keys are implemented on the same platform as the FIDO2 certified G-Series, which means they offer its user the same public key cryptography, U2F and FIDO2 protocols to protect them against any kinds of phishing and man-in-the-middle-attacks.

Even with a new business unit, nothing has changed in the company’s goal – providing their users with the most secured, reliable and simple solutions.

Visit www.trustkeysolutions.com to find out more.

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