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Passwords are a vexing Topic for everyone.

FIDO Alliance and TrustKey have the right solution for this annoying problem. FIDO takes away the hassle of logging in with annoying passwords and at the same time takes away the risk of those passwords. The FIDO standard is already widely implemented in our everyday devices and guarantees a secure and easy login.
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FIDO's cryptographic credentials are unique to each site, so biometric data or other secrets like passwords never leave the user's device. For these reasons, the use of a TrustKey FIDO2 security key is particularly worthwhile.

Our partner TrustKey Solutions quickly recognized the urgent need for such products and developed its own biometric security keys. The threat of cyber criminals cracking account passwords and quickly gaining access to valuable user and company data through account takeover, man-in-the-middle attacks and phising attacks is growing. The use of a FIDO2 Security Key provides exactly the protection needed against these and many other online hacking attacks. It allows users to securely and conveniently log in to FIDO-supported websites. Developed by TrustKey Solutions, FIDO2 Level 2 certified Security Keys are the most secure Security Keys available on the market today. Deposited fingerprints are stored in the secure area of the Security Key, so all executed transactions are performed within the secure area of that key.

PointBlank Security as EMEA partner

As an EMEA partner of TrustKey Solutions, we have already been able to close many gaps in today's Industry 4.0 through innovative "Security by Design" solutions.  
Through years of collaboration, we have been able to witness the development and enormous potential of the Security Keys developed by TrustKey Solutions. PointBlank Security thus offers its customers the most secure protection for their data.

The prodcut range of TrustKey Solutions

TrustKey's product range includes the G-series with biometric fingerprint sensor - the G310 (USB-A) and G320 (USB-C) models - and the T-series without fingerprint (simple touch-sensitive - sensor) - the T110 (USB-A) and T120 (USB-C) models. All devices support the FIDO two-factor authentication specification U2F (Universal Second Factor), (T)OTP generator (Time-Based One-Time-Password, up to 50 credential sets for different relying parties as well as WebAuthn (FIDO2).
This range of functions will soon be supplemented by the virtual smartcard function - including support for PGP-based e-mails.

As an inexpensive alternative, the T-series comes without a fingerprint sensor - instead, a touch sensor is installed within this model range. Here, a PIN to be set by the user is additionally required to confirm the authentication during login processes. Otherwise, the range of functions is identical and all TrustKey models are of course supported by Windows, Linux and MacOS.
New and reserved for the models G310H (USB A) and G320H (USB C) is the Windows Hello support and thus the logon to the Windows 10 operating system. Windows recognizes the user via fingerprint and grants access to the user account or computer without any further interaction.

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Windows Hello Function

Accessing G Suite with TrustKey

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