IoT Moduls

An IoT module is a small electronic device embedded in objects, machines and things that establish a direct or indirect Internet connection to send and receive data in a secure way. Sometimes called a "radio chip" or "IoT chip", the IoT Module contains all the electronics and software with various sensor/actuator and communication interfaces.
Another important aspect of the IoT modules is that they provide constantly active connectivity. This aspect is due to the fact that IoT applications must send data automatically and in real time without anyone pressing a send button. IoT modules are like SoCs but are designed as a complete core or retrofit module (see our eSE100 module) to integrate secure Internet connectivity, data storage and processing into Internet-connected devices.
They are designed for extreme durability and longevity and must function continuously for a decade or more.

We use among others the MS500 from eWBM. This integrates "hardware engines" for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, secure booting and encrypted memory.

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