In an interesting article the American business news channel CNBC
has linked our Security Keys to the data security during the US elections.


PointBlank receives the TeleTrust trust mark - 'IT Security made in EU'

Due to the continuously growing popularity of the FIDO authentication, our partner eWBM Co, Ltd. has segmented its FIDO related businesses which resulted in the establishment of Trustkey Solutions, headquartered in the USA.


In the first part of our article series, which is published in the renowned scientific journal "atp magazin", we have coined the term "symbiotic security". This is based on an ideal system architecture in which all components such as hardware, software or networks and processes play out their respective strengths in order to maximize the overall achievable system security. An essential component of "Symbiotic Security" is the "Initial Enrolment" procedure, in which IoT devices are equipped with firmware for the first time via an encrypted channel following the zero knowledge methodology by using the so-called bootloader.

T.I.S.P. meeting in Berlin from 14-15/11/2017

We’ll be there when the community of the IT security specialists meets once a year. Not only will the TeleTrusT Innovation award be presented: for 2 days the industry will be discussing current developments in information security.

SPS IPC Drives in Nürnberg from 28-30/11/2017

What’s new in electrical automation technology? During the fair trade we’ll talk to manufacturers and service providers. Soon you can read all about it in our blog.

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