Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Hübner

The computer engineering group has a focus of research and education on design, structure and test of digital hardware. This covers not only processors and memory units, but also interconnects and sensor units. Processors, memory blocks and software together make "embedded systems". Making the smart cores of large-scale technical systems, they govern functionality, quality and reliability of systems such as cars, trains, airplanes, and manufacturing plants. Therefore there is a special challenge to make embedded electronic systems fit for long-term dependable operation over years up to decades, often under serious constraints in power consumption.


ELEKTRA Company for electrotechnical devices mbH

Your partner for LED profiles, spots & accessories, electrification & electrical engineering in shop fitting.
Whether for shop fitting, furniture or industry - the right LED lighting comes from ELEKTRA!
ELEKTRA stands for more than just LED lighting: Our services include the development and design of lighting and electrification systems.
ELEKTRA develops individual electrotechnical solutions for customers and business partners and takes over the production, assembly and delivery of components.
At ELEKTRA you will find the optimal lighting system for your shop, for new equipment and for retrofitting. Conductor rails for shelves for all common product carrier systems.


eWBM is a fabless SoC company which provides security MCUs and modules for FIDO2 Goldengate Series and variety of IoT applications such as MS500, Secure LoRa Module, Secure Sensor to Ethernet module, Secure NB-IoT module, and Secure IP Cameras. The next-generation security SoC chip, called MS1200, will be introduced in 2019. Designed with a complete root-of-trust HSM, the IoT security SoC chip will provide industry's highest security level for a variety of application including LoRa, NB-IoT, FIDO, secure IP camera, industrials, and smart home applications. The chip supports the ultra-low power deep sleep mode optimized for battery-powered IoT applications.

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Founded in 2018, HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH is a German Corporate Start-up company based in Taufkirchen near Munich that develops embedded information technology products meeting the highest security requirements. These integrate a highly secure operating system with security hardened hardware, thus creating a “Secure IT instead of IT security” for the global IT market. The company combines more than 50 years of experience in defense and security electronics of the HENSOLDT Group with academic world-class expertise in hardware and software development.

To make high-tech security solutions accessible to all, HENSOLDT Cyber built on the extremely resilient microkernel seL4 and developed a new operating system: TRENTOS. The TRENTOS SDK empowers customers and developers alike in the art of seL4 system development. The extensive documentation and demo application give users a head start in this new technology and allow them to infuse TRENTOS security features into their products.


TrustKey Solutions

The TrustKey Story 

It all started in 2009 when Dr. Stephen Oh founded the company eWBM based in South Korea. Stephen has had the vision to create a new market with innovative technologies to secure the world of information technology with the help of hardware-based security solutions.
Stephen and his team of engineers developed their own customized security microcontrollers (processor chips) for use in FIDO security keys and IoT products. Shortly after they developed their own biometric security key, they recognized the acute demand for security solutions in a world that was moving towards the Internet at an incredible pace.
As a result of this, eWBM decided to spin off the FIDO2 Security Keys team into a new company with a team of executives focused exclusively on providing the world with advanced FIDO2 security solutions. TrustKey Solutions was born! 

As a technology partner of TrustKey Solutions, we from PointBlank together with Stephen and his team are constantly pushing the limits of architectural security by bridging the gaps in today’s Industry 4.0 solutions through innovation of security by design, thinking outside the box and by bringing new ideas to the table of standardization bodies such as FIDO IoT Technical Working Group, where we participate in the definition of security-relevant standards. 



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