Low Power, Advanced Security Features for IoT

The MS500 is an integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) for IoT security and connectivity applications. The MS500 works with TRNG(True Random Number Generator), Security Protocol Accelerator, and strong cipher engines, by which hardware-enforced security functions can be implemented to protect IoT devices against evolving hacker’s attacks. With its hardware-based Security Features such as secure boot, secure storage, and strong key management, the chip provides the highest level of security functions in the industry.

Single-Chip Solution


Highspeed Crypto Engines - HW Acceleration

The most obvious advantage of the MS500 is its hardware acceleration capability using high-speed Crypto engines. It shows a tremendous acceleration capability of up to 10,000 times compared to other chips processed with SW. (For AES-CBC)

Performance Comparison - HW Acceleration vs SW

• AES-CBC Performance MS500 HW Acceleration vs SW (Cortex M3)

• RSA / ECC Performance MS500 HW Acceleration vs SW (Cortex M3)

For continuous repetitive tasks such as TLS and frame-level video encryption, you can see the speed gains that are hard to expect at MCU Levels.


Secure Boot

The MS500 provides a secure boot feature that does not allow one-bit difference at boot of a device, which is the least secure Moment.

Secure Storage

The MS500 has a built-in encrypted flash storage device with 4MB of capacity, allowing you to safely handle the stored data.

The MS500 storage is encrypted by a unique key (DUK) per chip, so it cannot be decrypted unless it is a stored chip.

Secure Key Management

The backbone of Secure Key Management in the MS500 is eFuse and TRNG (True Random Number Generator).


eWBM's MS500

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