eLR100 - The secure LoRa™ / LoRaWAN™ Module, powered by eWBM’s own security MS500 MCU

The ultra low power secure LoRa/ LoRaWAN Module is powered by eWBM’s own IoT security MCU, the MS500. The module provides extended security Features over the conventional LoRaWAN by utilizing the secure key management, secure boot, and secure storage functions. 

1. Product Features

Reliable Performance with LoRa-Alliance Certifications

  • eWBM is a member of the LoRa-Alliance.
  • eWBM’s secure LoRa™ module is certified by LoRaWAN™ for worldwide four regions: Korea (KR920-923), Asia/Japan (AS923), EU (EU863-870), and USA (US902-928).

Easy to build the IoT infrastructure / additional features

  • IoT infrastructure can be easily constructed by using the AT+Command control.
  • LoRaWAN™ installation/deployment is as simple as three AT-commands: config, join, send/recv.
  • The LoRa Peer-to-Peer mode (P2P) including packed forwarding allows to deliver data in a point-to-point and relay structure building a point to multipoint or even a mesh kind of structure.
    It is a powerful solution for locations where it is difficult to access to install gateways or power supplies.
  • Long Range of distance coverage
  • The distance range of the LoRa™ module reaches up to 10 Km in open space.

Acquired EMI certifications from various standards

  • Completed KC/CE/FCC/TELEC Certifications.
  • ANATEL (Brazil) Certification is currently in progress.
  • EuroSmart IoT device security certification

Extended Security Feature

  • The eWBM’s LoRa™ module is powered by the company own-designed IoT security MCU, MS500. The secure parameters for executing LoRaWAN™ protocol are safely stored in the hardware protected Trust Zone. The secure boot and secure storage functions are supported to make LoRaWAN™ even more safe.
  • With external PKI server the eLR100 supports an additional layer of security by performing “PKI-over-LoRaWAN” and exchanging the LoRaWAN-Join-Key by End-to-End secured key exchange scheme.


2. Product Specifications [Modell: eLR100-UL-00]

MS500: eWBM’s own-designed low power security MCU

  • Hardware based security system
  • UART, SPI, and I2C Interfaces


Semtech SX1276

  • Receiver Sensitivity : up to -136 dBm
  • Frequency Range : 863MHz ~ 928MHz
  • Output power : +14dBm, +30dBm (North America)
  • Optimized RF Interface : 50 Ω


  • Supports the AT+Command (UART1) controls for LoRaWAN™ and P2P mode
  • FW updates possible over UART2 + Boot0 pin
  • 10 additional GPIOs for IO, UART, SPI, I2C support, custom FW or by SDK based development

Module Size and Supply

  • Size : 15.0 x 22.0 x 2.3mm
  • Supply Voltage Range : 3.0V ~ 3.6V (42mA TX, 18mA RX, 5.2µA sleep)

3. Block Diagram of LoRa-Module

4. LoRaWAN™ Network Architecture

  • Gateway devices must be located to collect RF data from End Node.
  • End Nodes can communicate only with designated Network Server.
  • With LoRaWAN protocol, the End Nodes communicate with Gateway devices in a reliable and secure way with encryption function.

5. LoRa Peer-to-Peer Use Case

LoRa™ P2P Use Case 1 : Small scale of LoRa™ Network without gateway
LoRa™ P2P Use Case 2 : Fire detection and defense system

eWBM's LoRa P2P Network Concept

  • Gateway functions are used in a limited way (i.e. 1 Ch only) in order to collect RF data
  • Apply the LoRaWAN Downlink Rule to End Node communication which is originally available only between Network server and Gateway communication.
  • LoRaWAN Uplink Rule is not used in P2P network.
  • When LoRaWAN ABP mode is used, the address of each End Node can be transmitted through Device Address. Session Keys (AppSKey, NetSKey) are shared so that data is securely encrypted during transmission.
  • By having the P2P context still hold the standard LoRaWAN protocol as shown above, the regional radio frequency policies are satisfied for geographical countries. 

6. Product Versions

  • eLR100-UL-00: Module on Tray

  • eLR100-UL-EB: Evaluation board

  • eLR100-UL-DK: Development Kit with 3 EVBs, Antennas, USB cables and 3 sample modules


Contact us and learn more about the advantages of eWBM's LoRaWAN Moduls: info@pointblank.de

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