System on a Chip

A System-on-a-Chip (SoC) means that a large part or usually even all functions of a system are accommodated on one single chip.
Such chips are used, for example, in smartphones, industrial controls and wherever very high performance is required in a very small space. Since SoC chips are assembled in a modular principle, there are actually no limits to the concept.
For example, a system-on-a-chip can integrate the following components: Central processing units (CPU), communication interfaces, processors, controllers, random access memories (RAM) and read-only memories (ROM). The small System-on-a-Chips are mainly used in the field of mobile gadgets, in data acquisition devices and in control and automation technology (industrial automation, washing machines, automotive electronics, etc.)

We use among others the MS500 from eWBM. This integrates "hardware engines" for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, secure booting and encrypted memory.

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